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Go Play!

When was the last time you went and played? Like really played!!! Like Christina & Meredith dancing it out kinda play?

Why does it feel as adults we tend to loose the wonder and the ability to play? Also, don't hate me as I say this BUT play without alcohol being apart of it...

Having fun and play is such an important part to having a well balanced life. What if we took one night and turned off the TV and did something just for fun! Read, Paint, Write, Play a Game etc

I polled my Instagram (@rosamcas) and these were some of the best two player games that were suggested!


- TICKET TO RIDE ( I have never heard of this one but am intrigued by it!)

- SKIP BO (I used to play this game all the time with my siblings)


*Honorable mentions: Sequence, Dutch Blitz, Cribbage, Backgammon, Rumikub

Tell me what other games you play or things you do to have fun and play!!

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