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Rosa Castano


Course Objectives

To help guide you to create more space for happiness, well-being, and Balance in

 your life through mindfulness practices.

To feel empowered & confident to go through life with tools to help possibly lessen stress & anxious thoughts. To make the best decisions for yourself & be able to advocate for yourself.

To encourage you to know that you are worthy of love and allowed to desire all the things that your heart and mind can imagine!

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Who Are We
Marble Surface

Do any of these sound like you?

- Desire to be more mindful in day to day life but don't know where to start.

- Interested to start or deepen your meditation practice?

- Looking to gain clarity on your life and future goals?

- Struggle with overwhelming thoughts and hoping to discover a tool to help you manage?

- Feeling frustrated by your lack of a clear pathway?

- Feeling burnt out?

- Want to level up your happiness?

- Struggle to create balance in your life?

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