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3 Day Workshop

Learn what all the Personal Growth & Motivational books are really saying...





Friday Aug 20th @ 7:15-8:15PM cst
Saturday Aug 21st @ 8:15-9:15AM cst
Sunday August 22nd @ 8:15-9:15AM cst


On Zoom


Presented by Rosa Castano,
Founder of Spirit Rising Collective

I was on my what feels like 100th Personal Growth & Motivational book when I suddenly had this epiphany...for the most part, they all say the same thing. I went through and found the 5 most common themes from each book and created the acronym B.AB.E. to help myself and others remember these key components. I created this workshop to help people cut through the noise of all the books and get to the good stuff. 

In this workshop we will cover

Who is this
workshop for?

Let's cut through the noise!

  • Wants to read/listen to the books and learn all the juicy details but have no time. (Time is money am I right?) - Have read the books but still need help with the content.

  • Just want the cliff notes version of the books.

  • Wants the content but just not a huge fan of reading.

  •  Simply loves all things Personal Growth & Motivational.

  • Wants to dive deeper in the meaning of it all.

  • View investing in learning as investing in self.

  • Anyone

  • Everyone

B.A.B.E 3 DayWokhop
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You're in!! You are one step closer to learning the 5 Common Themes!!

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